Too much to consider – We have to make hard decisions to finance and expect all in the process of educating our kids by motivating them to learn and produce.  Technical schools, specialty classes, and commitment to classroom discipline have to be considered. Challenge them.


Where is the money? How many years did it take to build the Transcontinental railroad?


Thank-you for the TABOR.  You, the public have figured out how to drive the career spender (democrat) crazy.  We can concentrate on our needs and prioritize accordingly.  Your input is now valued.

Special interests

Is anything that is not specified in our constitution (my definition).  It will be my job to protect your rights and enforce the constitutions.  Which means that any regulations that impede job creation, which is business. Growth, without business = no jobs!

Politics and Career Politicians

Career Politicians are and enigma that feed on the hard earned money generated by the taxpayer.  They are forever looking for ways to best spend our hard-earned money to buy votes for themselves.  This has to stop. Make career politicians work for a living and feel what we feel.

Politics is compromise. But when do you compromise with Hitler, Stalin or Mao?  It’s time to use deductive reasoning and common sense.  How can spending more, credit, cure the budget crisis? Bond Issues & Fees.